We have a bunch of amazing events at the Twin Falls City Park. I love Ice Cream Fun Day, Western Days, Twin Falls Tonight series, Beer Fest, I mean so many great things. But as a Twin Falls resident, we always want more stuff to do right? So I came up with some events that need to become a thing at Twin Falls City Park.


  • 1

    Bacon Fest

    Bacon is delicious! All things bacon in one delicious place would be absolutely epic. Candied bacon, smoky bacon, bacon ice cream, let's do it! Well, not me, I can't cook, but we have some amazing cooks that can make all the bacon. One rule, it has to be Falls Brand.

  • 2

    Chili Cook Off

    This would be absolutely amazing around October or November. Get all the chili with beans, without beans, whatever and finally settle the debate.

  • 3

    Hot Dog Eating Contest

    I mean, we don't have a really really good hot dog place, so let's make up for it by getting a hot dog eating contest. That could be so much fun!

  • 4

    Food Truck Fridays

    We have made this suggestion before, we need to have a food truck Friday once a month where all the food trucks come together for one giant party and all the delicious food. Please!

  • 5

    Bounce House Day

    Oh man a Bounce House festival would be amazing for the kids. Just fill that park full of all the different bounce houses from water ones to enclosed ones. I bet the kids would have a wonderful time!

  • 6

    Nerd Fest

    Have like a mini Comic Con! That would be amazing! Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons, LARPing, whatever! Bring all the nerdiness out!

  • 7

    Snow or Ice Sculptures

    Get a bunch of local artistic people together to make a bunch of snow men, igloos, ice sculptures, snow ball fights. Celebrate all things snow!

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