The first time I went to the Roaring Springs Water Park in Idaho was a few years ago and I didn't want to go, but I'm glad we did. We always used to go to the Lagoon Amusement Park down in Utah and we were choosing between the two parks that summer. My wife insisted on Roaring Springs and won. I've only been back to Lagoon once since then and we've done Roaring Springs three times. It's that good.

Just like any other amusement park, Roaring Springs has a variety of rides for a variety of people. There are rides that everyone will enjoy, rides for kids, adults, and thrill seekers.

Best Rides At Roaring Springs

We just got back from Boise and our annual trip to Roaring Springs. The park was packed, the weather was hot, and we had loads of fun. During the day there were waterslides we went on more than once because they had short lines or were a favorite of one of our kids. On the drive home we discussed which ride was the best and between all of us, two adults and seven kids, the easy winner was Viper's Vortex. Or, as we call it 'The Toilet Bowl Slide'.

There are a few other waterparks in Idaho and you can check out details for each of them in our previous story.

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