What began as one family's trip to Idaho to join their dad on a business trip resulted in amazing video capturing crews battling wildfires near the border.

The Snail Hollow YouTube channel shared the details of what happened. The dad, Jeff, was in Boise on a business trip. According to the description, the rest of the family (including 10 kids) decided to go see dad in Boise. They live in Utah, which means they made the lovely drive up I-15 to I-84.

What they didn't realize is that a wildfire has been raging on the Utah/Idaho border for awhile now. It's at around the 57 second mark when they're passing a huge fire in the middle of the highway that a firefighting plane makes its approach to drop chemicals on the fire to try and squash it. Wow.

It helps you appreciate what the fire crews have to go through to get these blazes under control. Imagine having to negotiate a plane with chemicals that has to target a fire while also zipping within a few feet of interstate traffic. Again, I say wow.

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