Following an on-court fight between players of the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets this past weekend, Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis was kicked out of the game after becoming involved in a heated exchange with security.

Saturday night (Oct 20) the fight broke out between Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets, and Rajon Rondo of the Los Angeles Lakers, that resulted in ejections, suspensions and fines from the NBA. The fight took place with about four minutes left in the game, and resulted in Rondo, Paul and Lakers Forward Brandon Ingram, all being tossed out of the game.

Kiedis, a native of Los Angeles and long time Lakers fan, got agitated when security asked him to sit down as the players were being removed from the court. Kiedis himself was escorted from his seat after he flipped off a security guard and shouted obscenities.

Kiedis was attending the game with bandmate Flea. All players involved in the altercation have been suspended for a few games, according to

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