Maybe you're looking for a gift, maybe you're looking for something cool to do this weekend, I've got some ideas for you. Feel free to add to the list! What will you get Dad, or where should you take him here in the Treasure Valley?

Father's Day is on Sunday and here are some ideas of things you can pick up (on the cheap) for dad:

  • A massage gift certificate. (Truth: Guys are down with a little pampering from time to time, too)!
  • New Shoes! (For some reason, we don't replace shoes when it's time. Maybe some NEW New Balances so dad can turn the old ones into his lawn-mowing shoes)
  • Power Tools! (Find out what dad needs next for the garage and he'll find a way to use it asap!)
  • A Home Brewing Kit! (If your dad loves beer, give him an opportunity to make his own at home!)
  • Get him a bacon bouquet from Denny's

Or, if you're looking for something to do this weekend:

  • Take dad on a hike at Table Rock
  • Is he a golfer? Take him golfing! Is he not but you think he might enjoy it? Get him some lessons!
  • Smoke some meat for him
  • Offer to help him finish that unfinished project that's been sitting in the garage for six months
  • Give him a free day to go hang with his bros and relax

These are just some things I think I'd want... Feel free to add to this list!

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