A Filer High School senior is putting on a car wash fundraiser Saturday, October 2, in Twin Falls. The effort is to help with costs of caring and treating area rescue animals, and is also part of a project through a local martial arts center.

Kaden Koldewey is a senior at Filer High School, and is organizing a car washing event one week from this Saturday, at the Twin Falls' D.L. Evans Bank parking lot, located at 906 Blue Lakes Boulevard North. Koldewey is a passionate animal lover, and has also been an active participant with Success Martial Arts in Twin Falls.

Kaden's Action Hero Project has a Facebook page that offers the community additional information regarding the October 2 event. He is also in the process of putting together a team of volunteers to help out. The car wash fundraiser will be from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., next weekend.

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Kaden Koldewey: Facebook

All money raised will go toward southern Idaho animal rescue efforts. Those who would like to volunteer can help as long as they want, and are not being asked to spend the entire time at the bank's parking lot, which is at the corner of Blue Lakes and Falls Avenue. If you would like to volunteer for the October 2 fundraising event for local animal rescue, please reach out to Kaden, at kadenactionhero@gmail.com.

For those that want to help with car washing, but can't stay the entire time, please let Kaden know the hours you're available to be there. This can be done either by email, or by calling / texting, at 208-329-3500.

Those who pass by for a car wash also have a chance to win Boise State Broncos football tickets to the upcoming game against Air Force, on October 16, at Albertsons Stadium.

We wish Kaden the best of luck with this event, and please support it if you are able.

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