Fire officials in southwest Idaho are blaming visitors for a large blaze that started on August 17 in a popular local cave.

The Kuna Caves, a small system of underground lava tubes located 20 miles southwest of Boise, was the scene of a large fire on Saturday that local officials are saying was likely started by someone that visited the site, according to details shared by

Visitors to the caves must first navigate their way down a 50-foot steel ladder. The quarter-mile-long cave, which typically remains in mid-fifties temperature wise all year long, was substantially hotter Saturday after Kuna Fire responded to reports of what was first though to be a grass fire. A department spokesperson said charcoal was located in the cave, along with several pieces of burnt wood.

The Kuna Fire Department posted a Facebook message expressing its frustration for those who take these types of natural landmarks for granted. Fire crews eventually went into the cave's only entrance and extinguished the blaze Saturday afternoon. The message went on to say that the incident is still being investigated, and that Idaho sites such as these could be closed to the public if people continue to abuse them.

The fear of embers exiting from the top entrance of the caves and starting additional blazes elsewhere was also communicated by officials through the Facebook message. Anyone who might have information regarding the August 17 fire in Kuna Cave, can phone the local police, at 208-577-3860. People can reach the city fire department by clicking here.

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