One restaurant chain that I have missed so much since moving out of Nevada was Raising Cane's. The best news ever has come out! Raising Cane's has made the announcement they plan on coming to Idaho within the next two years.

Raising Cane's And What They Do

Raising Cane's does chicken fingers, and that's it. They do chicken fingers right. They do have a chicken sandwich but it is just their delicious chicken fingers on their bun. The company is based out of Colorado but has restaurants all over the place. Idaho will officially get its first one in Boise.

Really? Just Chicken Fingers

Yes, chicken fingers. But, they do obviously have sides. Each order of chicken fingers comes with fries, Texas toast, coleslaw, and Cane's sauce. Cane's sauce is so addicting! By far my favorite sauce on the planet. They do not have ranch or fry sauce, just Cane's sauce and it is glorious.

When And Where Do They Plan To Go

Right now it states that they are just looking for places around Boise to build. I wish that meant Twin Falls because I know it would do well here. But they are targeting a 2024 opening date. That cannot come soon enough!

So between In-N-Out and now Raising Cane's and all the amazing locally owned mom and pop restaurants, we have around here, Idaho is set for having the best food in the country. In my opinion anyway.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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