We compiled this handy guide of five rules of the road as observed by Twin Falls drivers. 

If you fail your next drivers test, don't blame us. We find that what's on the test, doesn't seem to match what's applied by those of us who drive in Twin Falls.

1. Turn but do NOT signal

You might not know this but turn signals are part of the premium package on most new vehicles sold in Twin Falls.  And you don't want anyone thinking you're a snob. Never signal to indicate your intended direction or people will think you're showing off.

2. Drive with your signal on... At all times.  Never turn

Self explanatory

3. Always take up at least two spaces when parking

bad parking TSM

Newcomers to Twin Falls might not be aware that this is a game we play with a progressive pot.  One day, the person who takes up the most amount of parking spaces with the least amount of car will win a ba-zillion dollars, a key to the city, and warm hugs from Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar.*

4. Get angry at tractors for slowing traffic


On your way to buy meats, milk, and vegetables that were grown on a farm?  Be sure to complain about the farm implements that are taking up too much space and slowing traffic. After all, they're YOUR roads dammit. And we all know farmers don't pay taxes too, right?

5. Lanes and lines are for sissies

Google Maps
Google Maps

When driving north on Blue Lakes and turning west onto Pole Line from one of the two turning lanes, be sure to merge the separate lanes into one MEGA-LANE while driving through the turn. Lines on roads are merely suggestions and should be treated as such.

Did we miss any?  Be sure to let us know and we'll pass them along.

*Warm hugs not personally endorsed by Shawn Barigar.

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