tv picedit
Craigslist, Twin Falls

Anyone need a free television? It's no 70-inch, Samsung flat screen, but it'll play your DVDs, allow you to watch Netflix, or play Fortnite for eight hours straight.

The television was listed in the "free" section on Craigslist (Twin Falls) on Thursday, January 24. It appears to be in great shape, for an older television.


Anyone who wishes to take it just needs to be able to haul it away themselves. The model of Sony is a kv-36hs20, for anyone who wants to know more details about the brand. The television comes complete with remote and stand, and apparently works fine. I'm guessing the numerals 36, found in the model number, means its 36-inches in size.

A little Windex, some canned air and a pant load of disinfectant wipes, and you're in business. These models are currently going for anywhere between $70 and $200 on eBay currently. Sony television are historically a pretty decent brand, and last quite a while, coming from a previous owner.






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