I can only imagine how hard is is to be a police officer. Not only are most people not happy to see you - you also have to deal with angry people out in the heat. But, some police in Idaho may have found a way to stay of the hot pavement and get criminals to come to them.

The Blaine County Sheriff posted on their Facebook page today that it is 'Turn Yourself In Tuesday' so any criminals with warrants should come in to the Blaine County Detention Center to celebrate. They accompanied the post with a brilliant meme that points out how having a warrant is basically the adult version of hide and seek! That's funny. Actually, if you scroll through their Facebook page they seem to have a pretty good sense of humor.

If you have a warrant and live in the Twin Falls area and would like to participate in 'Turn Yourself In Tuesday' I'm sure the Twin Falls officers would be more than happy to oblige and assist if you head to their offices in downtown Twin Falls on any day of the week. Just watch out for construction as they tear up the squiggly lined road.

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