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Times can look bleak in this country, but Americans retain a sense of humor.  I came across a video in Erick Erickson’s daily newsletter.  He’s a talk show host based in Atlanta.  The video mocks the recent seizure of Mike Lindell’s cellphone by the FBI.  Lindell is the founder of My Pillow.  A successful TV pitchman, Lindell has sold a lot of pillows, slippers, and mattress pads.  Even as some social media platforms and TV networks have blacklisted the entrepreneur, the merchandise continues to sell.

Lindell is a bogeyman to the American left and the deep state, due to his support of former President Trump and a refusal to believe the 2020 election was on the up and up.

A couple of weeks ago, Lindell and a buddy were returning from a fishing trip.  They stopped at Hardee’s to get some burgers at the drive-through.  Federal agents blocked him in the lane and demanded his phone.  After a lengthy negotiation, the businessman handed it over.  The tactics employed by our government against its perceived enemies is quite amazing and, yet.

Someone with a good funny bone put out a video depicting agents praising pillows.  The actor, in the role of special agent, explains he is now getting his best sleep since going to work for the agency.  You can watch the video below.

Lindell’s efforts to review the election results even riled political waters in Idaho, where Trump won by a wide margin over Joe Biden.  The pillow magnate wants to leave no pillow unturned!

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