Like many, yearly campouts for our family typically end in late-September. While I have camped in the fall and winter many times, I've reached a point in my life where if I can avoid sleeping outdoors in 30 degree or less weather, I do.

Wolves, bear and mountain cats are typical sightings depending on where you like to camp in Idaho. My brother-in-law had a late-night encounter with a bear a couple summers ago while in his tent asleep. It wandered into their campsite and sniffed around just inches from them.

A simple, aggressive sounding shout, is usually enough to drive them away, but that's not always the case. If there's food in camp, they tend to return at some point. I always carry a firearm camping, which usually sits beside my air mattress.

I personally haven't experienced a run-in with any bear in my years camping. We are fans of "off-grid" camping like so many others. I never thought to add a remote control car to my arsenal off bear deterrents, but as shown in this recent upload to YouTube, they are quite effective.

The video posted on November 9, 2020, shows a black bear that wandered into a California campsite, and was presented with something it doesn't normally see in the wild. The curiosity of the bear is what makes this video priceless.

The operator of the RC car runs the bear out of camp on multiple occasions as snow lightly falls. It's also hilarious that small piece of plastic containing a couple of D batteries could also chase off such a powerful, and feared, animal.

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