Ask any truck driver and they will likely tell you that it's not an easy job to deliver freight in Idaho (or any state). Believe it or not, there are gamers who are now pretending to drive big rigs in Idaho and having a great time doing it.

I will warn you. He says the phrase "hammer down" at least 17 times

The game is called American Truck Simulator. It attempts to reenact what it's like to deliver freight across the US. But, the funny thing is that so far the game only officially supports California, Nevada and Arizona. Gamers had modified the game to also include Idaho.

I'm still waiting for someone to record some video from this game showing Twin Falls and the Magic Valley which proves that I really do need a new hobby.

I've saved you some time and started the video at the 37 minute mark which is where this guy begins his Idaho drive. I will warn you. He says the phrase "hammer down" at least 17 times.

Now would normally be the point where I start making fun of this. But, I must admit that I LOVE truck driving games. My personal favorite is Euro Truck Simulator 2. You haven't lived until you've delivered milk to Budapest.

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