A studio guest arrived at my studio after driving from Cassia County to Twin Falls.  She noticed a price at one gas station of $5.69.9 per gallon for the regular grade.  The picture above is from Kimberly Road on Monday afternoon.  The previous day I had managed to fill up at a pump a few blocks away for 32 cents less per gallon but had to use up my shopping points to simply keep the price below $5.00 a gallon.

Drivers are Cutting Back

A friend has been driving from Murtaugh to Hagerman five days a week for work.  He says he’s seeing far less traffic than just a few weeks ago.  People can no longer afford unnecessary trips.  Another friend explained last week that he and his wife have canceled their once-a-week date night for dinner at a restaurant.

This summer I was planning a vacation to Cody, Wyoming, and then on to Mt. Rushmore.  Now I’ll be spending my vacation on the deck or watching what little TV I have before I cut back on my subscriptions.

The Country Will be Changed

Do you see where all of this is going?  You can’t call it a happy ending.  A finance writer claims it’s only going to get worse in the foreseeable future.  Those among you who call yourselves Democrats can make a variety of excuses and point fingers in other directions.  Come next year, your party will begin wandering the electoral desert for a generation.  Green energy and the dubious climate change arguments that enriched the connected are finished.

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