Canada seems like a pretty normal country, except for the constant use of the word “eh.”

They’ve also  given us plenty of great music, Canadian bacon, and having been born and raised near Detroit, Mich., located  right across the river from Windsor, Ontario, I can attest to the fact that you can get some of the best and most potent beer in the world there.

The country also has a few quirks, like the fact that there’s only one road across the entire nation, and the cars have square wheels, a couple of facts that I learned from watching South Park.

But did you know there’s an advocacy group that wants to give free booze to alcoholics?

It seems that when they don’t have liquor, the alcoholics in question tend to reach for tasty beverages such as hand sanitizer and mouthwash. Ewww!

The proposal is from Vancouver’s Eastside Illicit Drinkers Group for Education, which was formed in July and received a $52,000 grant to research alcohol maintenance programs in British Columbia.

Spokesman Rob Morgan said he is among thousands of alcoholics who buy and drink hand sanitizer stolen from hospitals, and also drink mouthwash or rubbing alcohol. It would be members-only because once word gets out it is free alcohol everyone that just wants a free drink would show up. A proposed drinker’s lounge would be stocked with vodka, sherry and high-alcohol beer, Morgan said.

Hell, we already have one of those here in the jock lounge.

The best line in the story is how they want it to be members only. You wouldn’t want just any riff-raff showing up, right? I mean hand sanitizer drinkers have very discriminating tastes.

By Chris Kai