Many of us have heard about the hate group Westboro Baptist Church based in Topeka, Kansas, who protests veteran funerals and other events sporting picket signs that say things like, "God hates gays."

One group decided to respond... with love.

One month ago today, the snarky-but-with-a-good-message personality on Facebook known as "God" released a video to raise money for a billboard campaign called God Loves Gays.

The video accompanies an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for not just a billboard campaign, but also go towards The Trevor project aimed at crisis intervention & suicide prevention for LGBT youth.

The amazing part - not only have they met their Topeka, Kansas fundraising goal of $50,000, but as of today they've accumulated over $80,000.  They're now working to put billboards in other states and donate to causes to benefit homeless LGBT youth and veterans.

What do you think about the billboard campaign, the fundraising goals, or the