Greg Jannetta

For those of you that enjoy the cocoa-flavored, oily goodness of Nutella food spread, you can now have a giant vat of it that weighs as much as your average newborn baby express delivered to your door step..

My 17-year-old daughter occasionally eats Nutella. I've tried it once, and I have to say I'm not a huge fan. The stuff is made by the Italian company Ferrero Group, and pulls in a profit of 10 billion Euro a year. Whatever that equates to.

I was recently on Costco's website and discovered you can order Nutella in a 6.6 pound tub, and you can have it in as fast as 48 hours. I'm not trying to sound all judgey, but I'm not sure why the average human would ever need that much spread in that short of time. Whatever blows your hair back I guess.




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