You are being watched. There is a report by Buzzfeed that between August and the end of 2015, the government flew hundreds of flights over many parts of the country. This includes Twin Falls and it was for surveillance purposes. 

When asked, what did the government have to say for themselves? Here's the word from Buzzfeed.

The DHS said that its aircraft were involved with securing the nation’s borders, as well as targeting drug smuggling and human trafficking, and may also be used to support investigations by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

The Feds claim that they only spy on people that are a part of current FBI investigations. How come I have scenes from the Tom Cruise movie "Minority Report" going through my brain?

If you'd like to do your own surveillance of what the government is up to, you can track all flights over Twin Falls in real time with the Flight Radar 24 website.

When you go outside to enjoy the nice weather, be sure to look up and smile for the cameras. You know they're watching.


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