After fifteen days, the government is back and again open to spend all our money, I mean open for business.  While some of you thought finally, others thought WTH?

CBS News breaks it down for you:

Am I happy about this?  Well my brother, who was working without pay for fifteen days straight will finally get paid again.  While I am happy about that, I am not happy with our current situation.

Has anyone else heard "do more with less"?  Why can't the government adopt this also?  All industries have seen cuts, we all have skeleton crews, we're innovating because we have to.  What if the government cut all non-essential jobs?  Would a lot of people lose jobs?  Heck yes!  That would hurt a LOT!  Would it be worth it for the future?  I think so.

Take our poll, are you happy the government shut down is over?

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