For those of you that enjoy getting outdoors to hunt or explore new areas in Idaho, there's an app you may, or may not already have on your phone, that not only includes mapping and global positioning, but also pinpoints state landmarks such as lakes, ponds and hot springs. 

This might be old news for some of you, but for those that have never heard of the On X Hunt app, it might be a nice addition to your cell phone's home screen. I recently came across a group of Idahoans raving about it in a state hot springs Facebook group.

I'm not a hunter, but I did install the app on my phone recently as part of a free, weeklong trial. It's a great tool for locating bodies of water, private parcels, public lands, hiking trails and other outdoor adventure spots. The app is not free, but the trial is, and it's the most accurate GPS app I've seen so far. There are several tutorials on YouTube that walk you through setting it up.

Idaho is home to dozens of incredible hot springs. Having an app that displays the closest ones to your present location makes it easy for those seeking out state hot springs for the first time. I haven't verified it for myself yet, but the app even displays water temperatures. You simply install it, enter the state you live in, and you're all set.

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