One of the Internet's most beloved animals has died at the age of seven.

The owners of Grumpy Cat posted to the animal's official Facebook page this morning that complications from a urinary tract infection resulted in the death. The famous cat, who has millions of followers and had been the face of thousands of memes during its life, was under the care of animal doctors just days before its death.

The family expressed its appreciation for fans across the world, and is in obvious mourning. The animal died the morning of Tuesday, May 14, at its home, in the company of family.

Grumpy Cat achieved world fame shortly after a photograph was shared to Reddit in 2012, according to details on the cat's official website. The animal's exact breed has never truly been determined by its owners. Ragdoll and Shoeshoe are listed as the two most likely breeds on the site.

RIP Grumpy Cat (2012-2019)

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