James Gunn is cooler than the rest of us, and life will be a lot easier once we all accept that. The guy directed Guardians of the Galaxy as well as lower-profile genre keepers Super and Slither, he’s currently dating actress Jennifer Holland of Zombie Strippers fame, and to top it all off, his brother is Kirk from Gilmore Girls. He’s got a pretty good setup, but any jealousy readers might feel for Gunn’s life of comfort and luxury is about to increase twofold.

The director, a regularly active user of social media platforms Twitter and Facebook, took to the web last night to show off one his one-of-a-kind interior decor. Specifically, he posted a couple photos of his coffee table, a custom-made piece designed to look just like the Awesome Mix cassette tape so cherished by Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord, in Guardians of the Galaxy. This table can’t play the greatest hits of Redbone, Blue Swede, or 10cc, but it does light up, and what’s more, it makes for a fine conversation piece. Fans will notice that this table has been marked ‘Vol. 2’ in anticipation of the Guardians sequel scheduled for 2017, and the caption that Gunn provided to accompany the Facebook photos explains a little further:

One of our pre-vis animation artists had this incredible Awesome Mix Vol. 2 coffee table custom made, and it sits in front of us every day while we work on designing the big sequences in the film. I love this table because it’s a gorgeous piece of work, but also because it’s yet another sign of how passionate and invested so many of my co-creators on this film are. We all truly care about the movie we’re making.

I’m no carpenter, but couldn’t you slightly improve on that design by making cup-holders out of the two little spools (or whatever the part you stick the pencil into to fix the tape when it gets all tangled is called)? See now, that’s the eye for detail that I would bring to the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 production team. Friend me on Facebook, James Gunn!


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