I love a good mystery. That's why I was excited to see that there was a guy on YouTube who had gone "undercover" to find out what really happens at Cactus Pete's. What he discovered is shocking. Or, actually, not surprising AT ALL.

Here's the backstory: Uwe Petersen said he was a casino lounge band drummer. Bet that was a surprise to your high school guidance counselor. We all have dreams.

According to his YouTube description and the video, he worked with the Kid and Nic Show back in 2009 at Cactus Pete's. I made the mistake of doing research and found out this is a real show. As it turns out, they do a swinging version of Pharrell Williams song "Happy".

But, I digress. The real shocker comes around the :36 second mark when Uwe discovers there are slot machines at Cactus Pete's. Wow. It's always the last place you look.

I kept waiting for the big reveal, but it appears that the slot machines were the big surprise for Uwe. He did mention that he was sick back in 2009. Sorry to hear that and hope his career as a casino lounge band drummer is going well. He appears to be a very good drummer, just maybe not a very good undercover secret agent man.

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