If you go hiking in Idaho, you dream about it. You're walking along and, out of the blue, you stumble across a gleaming gold nugget and you're rich. That doesn't happen to most of us. We normally encounter snakes. But, one guy just found him some gold to the north of us near Middle Fork Boise River.

YouTube channel Mash Detectors, was adventuring near Middle Fork Boise River when they had this happen.

I scan the decomposed bedrock and find a nice .4 gram gold nugget about 2" deep. Using my Garrett ATX with an 8" mono coil.

Yes, it helps when you have a metal detector with you. I have some bad news for this guy. According to Coinapps.com, his discovery is worth a whopping $17.22. But, that's $17.22 more than I have right now.

If you would like to go gold-hunting for yourself, here's the location near Atlanta, Idaho where this dude nearly struck it rich.

Google Maps

One thing to keep in mind when you watch the video, it seems like he also SELLS metal detectors. So, if you want to use the same equipment he did, he's made it easy to do that - for a price.

Oh, and if you're curious what the area around Atlanta, Idaho is like, there's a new aerial view of it thanks to someone's new drone.