Given their terror-inducing nature, roller coasters can turn even the bravest thrill-seekers into whimpering babies. Watch as 10 men get much more than they bargained for on coasters and, for good measure, two giant slingshots. But, really, can anyone blame them? We’d probably cry for our mommies too.

(Note: some are NSFW. Swearing tends to happen when faced with possible death by coaster.)

Dad Vomits Twice on Roller Coaster

Man Battles the Intimidator 305 … and Loses

Shirtless Dude Freaks on Roller Coaster (NSFW)

Man Shrieks Like a Little Girl

Marine Has a Terror Ride on Giant Slingshot

Man Fears “He’s Going to Die” on Giant Slingshot

Man Sobs on Coaster at Universal Studios

Man Rides Roller Coaster for the First Time and Regrets It

Man Faints on Coaster

Man Screams His Lungs Out on Coaster

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