Holiday dinners can be a stressful, trying times. Lots of cooking, cleaning, weird relatives, hyper kids… If you’ve had enough of the usual and want to get away and do something completely different, here’s one Christmas dinner you’ll never forget: eating at Hogwarts’ Great Hall.

On Thursday, December 3 at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, the actual Great Hall (the same set used in the filming of the movies) will be decked out in its best Christmas decorations for Harry Potter fans the world over to enjoy a memorable experience. A wand from Ollivander’s will be waiting for you at your table as you dine on two courses of a delicious Christmas dinner with a menu inspired by the films (yes, there will be flaming Christmas puddings).

Here’s what else the experience will provide:

  • Explore the Studio Tour, admiring sets such as the Gryffindor common room and the Weasley’s kitchen at The Burrrow, which will also be dressed as they were for winter scenes.
  • Enjoy a selection of three festive dessert bowls on Platform 9 ¾, alongside the original Hogwarts Express.
  • Drink Butterbeer in the backlot café and walk up the wizarding shopping street, Diagon Alley, before taking in the breathtaking Hogwarts castle model (covered in a layer of filmmaking snow especially for the festive season).
  • Finish the evening with music and dancing, with a bar provided for those who wish to purchase additional drinks.

Sounds fun, right? OK, now the disappointing part. Yes, it’s in London, and tickets will set you back £230 or approximately $350 per person. That’s awfully pricy for a dinner (which doesn’t include open bar), but for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it may well be worth it. If you can’t make this trip, we’ve got to think it’s only a matter of time before Universal Studios Orlando opens up a similar holiday-themed experience at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which we’d guess would be far more affordable.

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