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Greg Jannetta

For starters, I'm not the world's most comfortable shopper. Large crowds in buildings of any kind tend to give me something resembling a mild case of vertigo. Lately, I've been hearing from those in my family and social circle who make more than frequent trips to the store, that recent floor plan changes at some area stores are causing frustration.

Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that retail stores often rearrange merchandise to entice shoppers to purchase items they wouldn't normally come across due to some consumers tendencies to follow a strict, premeditated shopping plan. In and out, is the formula for many.

Stores use things called planograms when setting up a strategy for achieving optimal sales. Rebranding is also an effective way to not only unload items a store is having difficulty selling, but it often presents the product in a manner that shoppers might find more appealing.

I decided to ask the fine people of Rants/Raves Magic Valley their take on whether or not any recent changes made inside any Twin Falls stores had presented some newly inflicted shopping woes. It was more or less a way to corroborate what I'd been hearing.

This post is in no way meant to single out a certain store as offering a less than par retail experience, but I will tell you the feedback was overwhelming when it came to one particular store.

"Utter chaos," "an anxiety attack waiting to happen," "completely lost," "plain annoying," and "irritating," were all words used by Twin Falls shoppers when describing one store that apparently has a propensity for pulling frequent switcheroos.

Having worked in retail, I know how difficult it can be for managers and employees to keep customers happy. I've worked for places like Napa Auto Parts and JC Penny during my long run of employment dating back to my first job in 1990 at a Southern California movie theater.

Now, I have to ask the question, is there a Twin Falls store that you feel could use a little help in making your shopping experience a better one? And if so, why?




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