One of the things we love about Idaho is that it's more than just a little weird - and we mean that in a good way. Well, it doesn't get much stranger than Gravity Hill near Post Falls, Idaho. There is a hill where you can roll uphill. 

Only In Your State spilled some of the weird details on why part of our beloved Idaho has decided to defy gravity.

Grangeville is a cozy town in North-Central Idaho with a strange, but well-kept secret. Here, you can put your car into neutral and roll uphill...against gravity, and picking up speed as you go.

Ask any local and they'll direct you to the perfect place to switch gears and let anti-gravity do its thing. If you'd like to find this magnetic hill on your own, simply follow Mount Idaho Grade Road, heading North. When the trees obscure the horizon, you've found your starting point.


Google Maps
Google Maps

Yes, it's a bit of an optical illusion, but might be a fun trip if you want to freak out your out-of-state friends when they visit.

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