I think I pissed a few of you off yesterday when we started this poll worth 5,000 Snake VIP Points: Have you planned your funeral? How do you see it going down?

Or maybe I just made some of you stop and think.  I actually got some really good responses and I may just steel some of your ideas.  Speaking of your responses, here's some of my favorites from the poll:

  • Barry from Twin Falls: No funeral, no mourning ..... just party like there is no tomorrow.  I watched a movie the other night where the guy was still alive (thought he was dying ) and had a funeral party.  Sounds good to me!
  • Marlene from Twin Falls: I haven't put it on paper but, my family and friends know what I want. I want to be cremated and thrown in the mountains (it has to be a pretty place with eagles around).  AND NO CRYING!  I have always told my kids that the Good Lord will take me when he is ready for me.
  • Daniel from Kimberly: Haven't planned it.  Don't want to think about it!  (So, thanks a lot)!!!
  • Stephanie from Kimberly: I want everyone to be very sad and miss me, but LAUGH a lot and probably DRINK a lot (but safely).  I hate pictures of myself but admit to putting a few good ones away for them to find.
  • Vance from Twin Falls: Not planed it yet, but it will be what it will be.
  • Kelly from Buhl: No, I have not planned my funeral. To me it obviously won't matter!! I'll be DEAD!!
  • Tim from Burley: Yes, I've planned my funeral.  I want motorcycles every where!
  • Jeanette from Twin Falls: No, I have not yet planned my own funeral, but I do know I want a service in a christian church.
  • Keith from Twin Falls: No, I don't think about my funeral yet.
  • Bonnie from Jerome: We both plan to be cremated and have no specific marked location.  Just take us on a bike ride or camping....whatever.  And if the survivors feel they need closure, there will be a party with lots & lots of ROCK N' ROLL and iced beverages and even more laughs.  And Ozzy will be there!
  • Al from Gooding: I haven't really set my funeral in stone yet, but I want to be cremated. My son can dig a hole, pour my ashes in, and plant a tree over me. I hate the idea of useing more land for a cemetary plot instead of good farm ground.
  • Cody from Shoshone: When I go I will have it lined out that I am able to buy the final round for all my friends and family at a bar.

If your wondering why the hell this came up, you can blame Ozzy.  Word is his funeral will be a celebration of life and NOT a mope fest!  Respect!

What about you?  Have you planned your funeral? How do you see it going down? Answer the poll for 5,000 Snake VIP Points now.

Oh and if your wondering where you can get the white casket Wal-Mart actually sells it.  :-)

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