I like to think that there is no other place like Twin Falls. I also like to live in denial, apparently. Come to find out Hawaii has its own Twin Falls and it's not bad at all.

I stumbled across the Hawaii Twin Falls kinda by accident. It's one of those Internet rabbit trails where you're looking up information on spotted rabbits and, before you know it, you're watching videos about Hawaii.

The Twin Falls that's in Hawaii is located on the island of Maui. It's a bunch of waterfalls and pools on the road to Hana, according to the Maui Guidebook.

The part that made me laugh is the Hawaii version of Twin Falls is known for having a great snack stand. What is more like us in Idaho than a good snack stand? Answer: NOTHING.

Sobrina Sophie via YouTube
Sobrina Sophie via YouTube

Even the reviewers on Trip Advisor seem most impressed with the snack stand, which is strange considering there are waterfalls there, too. Go figure.

If nothing else, let's use this as an excuse to have a luau every now and then here in Idaho.

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