There have been a lot of awful or inspiring stories coming out of Hurricane Sandy. This manages to be both. A man found a note in his house scrawled by a person who had taken a blanket to keep hypothermia at bay. The author of the note was sure he was dying.

He also took a black jacket, identified himself and left contact information so the homeowner could contact his family and tell them he had died.  Here's the letter:


It reads:

Who ever reads this I’m DIEING – I’m 28 yrs old my name is Mike. I had to break in to your house. I took blankets off the couch. I have hypothermia. I didn’t take any thing. A wave thru me our of my house down the block. I don’t think I’m going to make it. The water outside is 10ft deep at least. There’s no res[c]ue. Tell my dad I love him and I tryed get[t]ing out. His number is ###-###-#### his name is Tony. I hope u can read this I’m in the dark. I took a black jacket too. Goodbye. God all mighty help me.

The letter fell into the hands of a man at a local radio station, who called the number. Tony answered, and said his son had written the letter, but he was alive. The DJ and Mike had a conversation about what happened, and full audio is available here.

We only wish every story that started out this way had an equally happy ending.

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