It can happen that fast. You're driving through your neighborhood and, without warning, a child runs into the street. This new video is a great reminder of how important it is to keep your focus on the road, especially during the summer months.

How many of us have pulled out of our driveway like this person did and start driving through our neighborhood with our mind on other things? Maybe you're late for an appointment. Perhaps you're thinking of what you're going to do this weekend.

Then, your heart stops when a child comes out of nowhere running out from behind a vehicle.

Fortunately, this driver was paying attention and this child was not injured. As Ope Aaron said on YouTube, if they had been texting or distracted in any way, this kid would have been seriously injured or killed.

What to do? Look for the signs of children playing. When you see bikes laying in the grass or on sidewalks, there's a good chance that kids are playing nearby. Make sure you're observing neighborhood speed limits, which are normally lower than regular city speeds. The most obvious is to pay attention to your responsibilities behind the wheel, so you can respond quickly to anyone or anything that enters your path.

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