Twin Falls is rich in history and some of that history is sitting right in front of us and we don't know it. I was recently driving along Shoshone Street towards downtown Twin Falls and realized there are a few old buildings that appear to be abandoned, but definitely have a story behind them.

Why Haven't These Buildings Been Torn Down?

One of my real thoughts was about the state of the buildings and why they haven't been torn down and replaced with something new. All of the buildings I was looking at are made of brick and appear to have been long vacant. Though some do have newer doors or windows, they still appear to be unused. Are they historic sites I didn't know about or just cool looking old buildings?

What's The Story Behind These Old Twin Falls Buildings

I have to imagine that each of these buildings was a big deal when they were built, and probably for many years afterwards. What is the story of what they did, specialized in, and how many different businesses called these buildings home? Some of the buildings or companies have information online, but most are pure unknowns to most of us.

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If you are as old as the buildings themselves or just know Twin Falls history, share with us your knowledge on the history of these cool old buildings.

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