My wife and kids love zoos. That's one of the reasons we decided it was time to pay a visit to Zoo Boise. I'm not sure that the animals were as happy to see us as we were to see them, but it was a fun day.

If you've been to Zoo Boise regularly, you know it's a different place when it's winter. While we prefer warm weather zoo time, there are definite advantages to a winter visit. There is virtually no crowd to deal with. The only negative - and it's understandable - is that many of the animals have access to their dens due to the cold weather, so you may or may not see all the animals you want.

One side note. I'm not sure what they're feeding the zebras, but they really should rethink that.

Zoo Boise is a great place. It's easy to keep up with the latest news on what they're up to on their official website and their Facebook page.

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