Today is Labor Day, hopefully you have the day off and can enjoy some time with your family. If you're trying to be productive today and have lots of things to get done today can be difficult as lots of businesses are closed but some stay open. To help you navigate exactly what is open and closed here are the details I have found.

First, I noticed none of my neighbors put our their garbage (Monday is normally my garbage day), so obviously there will be no trash collection today. In fact, all trash collection will be delayed by one day for the rest of the week.

All schools, universities and colleges are shut down for the day. All county, state, federal and city offices will be closed. All libraries will be shut down for the day as well.

Post offices will be closed, and that obviously means no mail delivery or pick up will be going on today. If you need to go to the bank it will be difficult as most banks are closed.

State liquor stores will be open today. Most malls and grocery stores will be open to customers.

Remember to be safe this Labor Day, especially with so many people on the roads trying to enjoy today with their family.

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