Melanoma will kill more than 9,000 people in the US this year, according to estimates. In southern Idaho, there are a number of facilities that offer free screenings to those who might have concerns.

Warning signs of potential skin cancer include the onset of irregular shaped moles, moles that bleed or change color, and moles that develop into ulcers, according to White men over the age of 55 account for a large percentage of cases.

According to a 2017 study, the state of Idaho ranks in the top 10 nationwide as far as cases of melanoma. Melanoma claims between three and four lives a year in the Gem State, with 25-40 cases reported annually.

Here are six south Idaho locations that offer free skin cancer screenings:

1. Idaho Skin Surgery Center, Boise    208-433-1114

2. St. Lukes Mountain States Tumor Institute, Boise   208-381-2707 (or 208-706-0256)

3. Idaho Skin Institute, Chubbuck   208-238-7546

4. Brandon Miner, MD, Idaho Falls    208-525-4888

5. Lindsay Sewell, MD, Idaho Falls   208-525-4888

6. Daniel Marshall, DO, Rexburg    208-359-4841

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