I watched the original video of this homeless dude and his amazing voice.  My first thought is, that's me if I ever lose my job. :-)

I'll get you up to speed: Ted Williams is a homeless dude who back in the day trained in broadcasting, got a drug and alcohol problem, had 9 kids somewhere in there, yes 9! Became homeless, got sober for about 2 years, got discovered panhandling on the side of the road in Cleavland, Ohio.  And now NBA's the Cavaliers want his pipes!

Damn, now that's life! I'm not gonna lie, I really really like this guys story.  Yes - drugs and too much alcohol are bad, but ish happens and it sure seems to happen a lot of late.  Ya know the whole economy sucking!  But if this guy can get his life together, then I can jump out of a perfectly good airplane...wait I did.  But it's definitely inspiring!

There's even a new website for the guy, you can send him a message too.

Not to get all cheesy on you guys, but what's inspiring you in the New Year?

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