Friday night was awesome! We took the BSU Fun Bus up to Boise to watch them destroy BYU. The ride was great and we gave away some cool prizes. It was exponentially better than driving yourself!

The only grey point in the whole trip was a BSU superfan couple that wouldn't sit down at all during the entire game. Even though they were blocking the view of 5 adults (including a super sweet little old lady) and 2 kids. They wouldn't sit down...not even when the entire section behind them was chanting 'Sit Down!' they didn't care. You can see them in the video telling the group behind them that 'sitting down? That's not going to happen.'

It is almost too ironic that this superfan couple left the game 10 minutes early to beat the traffic...but you know they totally showed their support and spirit the entire game.

Who is in the wrong here? Are they horrible fans or should we have just dealt with it?

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