It was really hot over the weekend. We decided to take a laser thermometer and check the temperature of every day things that you would encounter after they have been sitting in the hot summer sun. Spoiler alert: they get really hot.

Temperature during summer day

This is absolutely insane. Could you imagine having to walk barefoot on some of these temperatures? I have to admit I have walked around on the grass and tried to walk on the patio brick on a hot day and did the "it's hot" dance.

It is a great opportunity to see how hot things can get especially if you plan on walking your dogs without footie protection. Their pads can burn just like your feet. It is also a good indication how hot the inside of a vehicle can get on a hot summer day. If the road can get up to 145 degrees while still having a breeze could you imagine how hot your vehicle can get after just a few minutes with the doors locked and no air conditioning running.

Summer is my favorite time of year but it can be damaging on a lot of levels. When I lived in Vegas I legitimately baked cookies on the dash of my car as an experiment. Stay safe out there.

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