If you don't know the answer, then find out this Saturday at Twin Falls Rotary's Ice Cream Funday!  Rotary is back to help the community and feed our sweet tooth...this time it's with unique ice cream creations!

Earlier this morning, while I was sipping coffee at my desk, I got off my rear and interviewed Paul Arrington from the Twin Falls Rotary Club.  I drooled on the microphone while he filled you all in about their event.  See:

Paul Arrington is a cool dude!  As for this Saturday, ice cream baby!  Plus your money will go to a whole bunch of local charities.

Here are the details about the event:

  • It all goes down at Twin Falls City Park, Saturday, July 14th from Noon – 3:00 p.m. in conjunction with Art in the Park.
  • Sixteen local businesses worked with Cloverleaf Creamery in Buhl, ID to create and name their own unique ice cream flavor. That means there will be 16 kinds of ice cream that you get to try!
  • Attendees will taste and vote for the best ice cream flavor and name. The winning ice cream flavor will be Cloverleaf Creamery’s August flavor of the month.
  • Admission is $6.00 per adult and $4.00 for kids age 11 and under. This is all the ice cream you can eat.
  • All proceeds benefit local charities and Rotary’s local projects.
  • For more information, please contact Jill Skeem, Committee Chairperson, at 320-2786 or by email jillasherman@yahoo.com.

According David Foster, President of the Rotary Club of Twin Falls:

"This is the “Iron Chef” of ice cream. You will taste flavors that have never been created before. What could be better than trying new ice cream while raising money for local charities and projects? This is an ice cream lover’s dream!"

I can't wait!

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