The long weekend is over and it was great! We spent time with family, ate great food, and had one of the best home fireworks shows in the history of our family! I didn't really think about the cost of our festivities at the time because we were 4 families pitching in together to make memories. Turns out though that those memories were a little more expensive than I had planned...especially the fireworks! The picture above is when we threw a pack of flashers in between a battle of firework tanks. The battle was amazing.

The food and travel expenses were pretty normal for group of 25 people partying - for the 4th we did end up spending around $75 on food (not counting the stuff we already had) which isn't bad. That's only about $3 per person for dinner and dessert - and we ate really well!

The fireworks though - that is where it gets crazy because those firework sellers are masters and geniuses. They start off with the small things first and then convince you to get a few more and then you can't just do all those small ones so you get a few of the bigger ones and then of course you need at least one of the big ones for a finale and BOOM you end up with all that plus an extra family boom boom pack (or some other creatively named bundle of explosives) and you end up leaving with $200 in flammable Chinese toys. But - it was totally worth it!

How much did the 4th of July cost you?

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