I'm putting myself out there for ridicule on this one. I bought my house in 2010 and it has had a leaky roof since literally the week we bought it.

We bought our house in October of 2007 and then went to Jamaica for a week. While we were gone our friend, who was watching our kids at the house, called us and said that water was pouring in through the roof. We were in Jamaica and having the time of our lives so we figured it wasn't really that bad. It was.

Since then we have had 3 different roofing companies come in and either fix where they thought the problem was or give us suggestions on what they think needs to be done. Fix prices ranged from a few hundred to about $10k!

The problem was that nobody actually wanted to tackle the project. A few years ago at the Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show, Eric Stromer told us to either sell the house or burn it to the ground. He said that roof leaks are almost always a never ending headache.

But - we finally found a fix. After years of attempts at fixes with new screws, loads of caulk, and new drywall inside we finally found a real fix thanks to a suggestion from a vendor at the Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show. Its called a rubber roof membrane. Usually they use them on flat roofs. And it is just a big sheet of rubber like a giant band-aid. The single sheet of rubber means that there are no seams for water to get in.

We all know that this winter has been a bad one and this is the first year that we haven't had a waterfall coming from our ceiling!

If you have any home problems or projects - make sure you get to the Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show and get those jobs done.

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