Mmmm, fresh salsa, basil for caprisi salad & chicken parm, and gorgeous, healthy salads... I'm one of those people who screws up Ramen noodles, but I love raised beds. Even I can grow stuff in them.  Plus with the ag community in Twin Falls it's not hard to find support.  They're quick and easy to build, and help prevent weeds when you use a barrier at the bottom (I use cardboard boxes which work fine, or you can buy actual weed barrier).

Here are three different methods of building your own DIY raised garden beds.

Cinder blocks:

Wooden boards:

Old shipping pallets: (Just a note: this is probably the cheapest way to build garden beds, but be careful not to use pallets that have been treated with chemicals.  Ew.  Here's an article on how to pick out good ones)

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