There has been a massive influx of comic book movies over the last 10 years. If you didn't know that then you need to get out more. With all these new movies ranging from hits like Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Avengers Infinity War and not such big hits like the Fantastic 4, Incredible Hulk, and The Green Lantern. There isn't any sign of the superhero barrage ending anytime soon either so you better make sure you are acquainted with each character and their symbol for easy recognition.

Comic Book Characters via Signs

Signs did a study to see how well we are remembering the pop culture icon symbols being portrayed in movie theaters. It isn't surprising that more people recognize the character symbols of Marvel characters (whether you know they are Marvel or DC) because the Marvel movies have critically done much better than the DC big screen attempts. When you look at the symbols for each character, how many do you recognize?

Comic Book Symbols via Signs

If you don't recognize some of those symbols right now, you no doubt will as both Marvel Comics and DC have superhero movies planned out for years to come. Check the theater listings for the latest showings.

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