We were already dismayed to learn that Hulu likely wouldn't exercise its option to resurrect 'Community,' though it seems the streaming service has its eye on at least one star, and an even bigger name. A new report says that Judd Apatow is plotting his next TV series, and currently eying Gillian Jacobs for a 'Love'-ly leading role in a major get for Hulu.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, as quite a bit is subject to change, but Vulture reports that upcoming 'Girls' season 4 guest star Jacobs has been approached for Apatow's new series, tentatively titled 'Love,' described as " a character-based comedy revolving around relationships, romantic and otherwise, with one (very messed-up) couple in particular at the center."

The pilot script has already been co-written by Apatow, along with 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' writer Lesley Arfin and actor-writer Paul Rust, who himself could potentially star in the series. Vulture also writes that 'The Simpsons' and 'Undeclared' veteran Brent Forrester is being eyed for a potential co-showrunning position.

Jacobs may well still end up back with 'Community,' and Hulu has by no means confirmed or made any official deals, though it'd be hard to deny that a Judd Apatow series could turn heads toward the streaming service's original programs, perhaps finally garnering the same attention as Netflix originals.

We'd love to see Jacobs in the lead if not for a 'Community' survival, but what say you? Would you be interested in Judd Apatow's 'Love'?

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