Summer is one of our favorite times to booze. There’s nothing like cracking open a beer on the beach, or sipping on a whiskey on the back porch in a T-shirt and shorts. Though our favorite season is beginning to wane, east coasters are still smack in the middle of hurricane season, which runs from June 1- November 30th.

If you’ve ever experienced a hurricane, you know that they can be a bit unpredictable in their magnitude. Sometimes we prepare for the worst, and end up with a mildly disappointing rainstorm. Other times we decide to ignore the evacuation order and end up cowering in a flooded basement, clutching a weather radio.

Whatever your strategy, a hurricane drinking game is never a bad idea. Unless you’ve got to evacuate, but in that case, it’s always better to pack with a slight buzz going.

Here are some rules for our hurricane drinking game. Feel free to add/subtract/ignore or just drink straight from the bottle and pray.

Drink once:

  • Anytime the word apocalypse pops up in your Twitter/Facebook feed. Drink two if a hashtag is involved. Finish the beer if apocalypse starts trending.
  • Anytime ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ by the Scorpions or any song involving the weather gets radio play. Follow it with a shot if the power goes out before it’s over.
  • Every time the news shows an empty street.
  • If your lights flicker, drink for each flicker. If your light fixture begins to shake above you, drink twice. If your chandelier crashes to the floor in an explosion of blue sparks and shattered crystal — congratulations – you are in a Hollywood movie. Finish your Cristal and head to the panic room.
  • If your roof or skylight begins leaking. If a branch lands on the skylight and shatters it, drink two. If your entire roof is now a skylight, cork the bottle and swim to safety.

Drink twice:

  • Anytime someone says “Pretty nice weather outside, huh?” Newscasters count, if you are trapped in your house, alone.
  • The local news breaks into regular television. Chug if it’s during ‘The Price is Right.’ Finish your beer if you missed the entire showcase showdown. Who won the Chevy Volt?!?!
  • Every time someone says the name of the hurricane. Chug if they compare it to a past hurricane. Shotgun the beer if the newscaster has the same name as the hurricane. Take a shot of hard alcohol if the weatherman is named Storm, Hurricane, Rainy or any other dumb weather event.
  • If you keep forgetting what station has the weather.
  • The news interviews people at a local bar. Chug every time they interview a drunk person.
  • If the local newscaster looks genuinely scared to death to be outside.

Finish your drink if:

  • The local news has gone to “continuous coverage.”
  • You start to consider the name Storm for your first born.
  • Someone from out of state calls to see if you’re still alive.
  • You forgot to close all your car windows.
  • The news shows the center point of the hurricane and it’s a shot of your house.

Should a hurricane come your way, we hope this game will chase the storm clouds away — At the very least, you’ll barely remember that it happened at all.

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