We've all donated our stuff to Goodwill or around here, more so the DI, but have you ever accidentally donated something incriminating?  I have.  I'll share.

After the jump, BEWARE, NOT SAFE FOR WORK, adult Halloween costume ahead.

Here is the costume I accidentally donated to Goodwill:

Wet T-Shirt
www.costumesupercenter.com Screen Shot

I only hope someone got as much use out of it as I did.  That was THEE best Halloween costume ever.  For one, I've always wanted larger cans, so for me, this was a sort of fantasy I was able to live.

All night long, while I was wearing my costume, so many attractive men spoke to me.  Then by the end of the night, after my back was killing me, I removed the costume and walked around the party.  I swear, no one recognized me without my costume on.  It was pretty messed up.

I still want a boob job though.  I got so many free drinks that night!

So what about you?  Have you ever donated something incriminating to Goodwill or the DI?   Will you share?

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