This Thursday, I challenge you to give at least ten bucks to the charity that you are passionate about.  Then pass it on.  Challenge everyone you know to do the same!

Idaho Gives

Idaho Gives kicks off this Thursday (May 2, 2013) in Twin Falls.  I already know that I am donating to the St. Luke's Health Foundation specifically for breast cancer awareness and I'm challenging you to do the same!

So what is Idaho Gives?  According to, which is where you can donate:

Idaho Gives is a statewide, online giving campaign to raise $500,000 from individual donors in 24 hours, matched by $50,000 from corporate sponsors.

Thank you to Linda Fleming and Angela Moon for coming into the studio and explaining this amazing event.

Here Linda Fleming breaks down what the event is all about:

The $10 Challenge!  I challenge you!  

Angela Moon discusses all the entertainment this Thursday at the Magic Valley Mall:

If you attended Bras Across The Canyon last year, know you that breast cancer awareness is something I am passionate about.  Early detection is key.

Recently, one of my family members learned that she has breast cancer.  She's fighting it.  She found it early.

As angry and sad that I am that she has to go through chemo therapy, I am so very thankful that she discovered her cancer in  it's early stages.  She's a fighter and I'm in her corner.

That is why I'm challenging you to donate ten dollars to the charity you are passionate about, then challenge someone else.

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