You are looking at yet another Twin Falls. Just like us, it has a beautiful waterfall. But, it's a complete fake and I can prove it.

This Twin Falls is located in Rock Island State Park in Tennessee. Bluegrass Scenarios captured a really sweet 4K drone video of it that you can see above. It really does look pretty with the water running down the rocks into the river like that. But, there's a catch.

The Go Waterfalling website outed this Twin Falls as an imposter. Check out this fine print from their site:

Twin Falls pours out of the walls of a gorge, instead of over the walls. This interesting and easy to visit waterfall was accidentally created when the Caney Fork River was dammed.

Aha!  See? It's not a naturally-occurring waterfall. Them there Twin Falls is a fake (to use Tennessee terminology).

To be fair, the waterfalls in Rock Island State Park really are pretty, even if they are pretenders. Check out the Go Waterfalling website for some more sweet pics.

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